Engraving is a practice of incising a design or text onto a hard surface by cutting into the material itself. Essentially, we can provide a ‘natural’ feel to your engraving needs. Being a full service engraving company, we are adept at providing fast, efficient and reliable service to our valued customers.

Laser Engraving

Using complex and forward-looking manufacturing processes, we provide progressive solutions to our customers’ engraving demands.  Laser engraving is more technologically advanced methodology, creating permanent and premium engravings, where tolerances are narrowed to the slightest measurements.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a precision cut contouring process with the application of laser technologies. Our laser systems can provide a clean edge, burr free cuts and minimizes taper to produce high quality and precise products. Since zero contact is initiated during processing of the materials, any distortion to the materials are prevented.

Digital Printing

Digital printing offers the flexibility in printings on practically all the surfaces. The printing outcomes are of high qualities, high printing resolutions and largely durable. With brilliant colour intensity, digital printing is the perfect choice for anyone pursuing remarkable graphic displays.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is a stenciling form of printing that involves the usage of woven meshes, where ink or printable materials are transferred or pressed upon the substrate. An economical method to deliver your message to your consumers, silkscreen printing can be versatile and offers the opportunities to print on a variety of materials. The outcomes are of high qualities, possess crystal clear definitions and offer water resistant abilities.


Etching is a more flexible, concise technology. Mainly used in industrial production of highly accurate metal micro components, we are able to fabricate metal products with tight, consistent tolerances, along with burr-free components! We can achieve high reproducibility while maintaining strictest tolerances using our unique etching processes.

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I will like to express my thanks for the incredible support I have received so far from Yi Kwang Material Supplies Pte Ltd. I’ve purchased a countless number of materials from them, and are very happy with the products quality and customer support. Cheers to the team!
Eric Chua, Goldprint Enterprise Pte Ltd
Working with Yi Kwang Material Supplies Pte Ltd is very easy and they have consistently been our best service provider in my 26 years of industry experience. I will be keen to work with them again!
Sera Wan, Ban Tiong Soon Construction Pte Ltd

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